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The Anti-Vaccine Movement hits Vancouver

Posted by Ethan Clow on August 28, 2009

We got another email that proves that Vancouver is not immune to the paranoid anti-vaccine movement that has plagued the United States for years.

Hi guys,

Thought you might be interested in this local issue. These posters have been popping up around greater Vancouver lately. I found this one in North Van, and I’ve heard others have been found around the south Granville area. A while ago there was a mumps outbreak traced to a religious community near Agassiz that doesn’t use vaccines, but as far as I know we haven’t had much of the Jenny McCarthy style vaccine conspiracy theory stuff around here, until now.


So this email mentions a flyer that has appeared around Vancouver. It’s a picture of a baby with a whole bunch of needles sticking out of it with the tag line that “vaccines are not what they appear to be” They also have website that extols the dangers of vaccines and how it’s all part of an evil government plot to wage biowarfare on the people of the world. The “expert” they have is a veterinarian by the way, not to suggest that veterinarians don’t know anything about medicine but I would generally stick to relying on a human doctor for human medicine.

These flyers have been popping up a lot and it’s very disturbing to skeptics and rational thinkers everywhere.

The interesting thing about this poster is that it indicates a bit of a shift in the alternative medicine mindset here in Vancouver. Previously I had always interrupted the ideology as alternative, meaning another option. Perhaps even a way to provide more health care to people.
But this poster clearly represents a shift into the paranoid anti-establishment mentality. And that is a very common trend in the United States with their anti-vax movement. And interestingly this poster does not really fit in with the standard thimerosal or mercury scare tactics of Jenny McCarthy.

This is more of a paranoid, anti-drug company, anti-western medicine, and anti-science attack on vaccines. In my opinion a far more dangerous movement than Jenny McCarthy and her ilk. It’s very difficult to argue with people who are so clearly suffering from paranoid delusions.

And we’ve talked about big pharma before and all the drug companies that are out there. Yes they’re out to make money. But aside from the fact that they are big companies and make money is there any reasonable evidence they are trying to wage bioterrorism against us? No. Absolutely not.

I would like to encourage our listeners and readers that if they see these posters around please write in and tells us where and when, and tear them down.

If anyone has some suggestions on how to counter the growing faction of alternative medicine that is openly hostile to science based medicine, bordering on the paranoid persecution complex, please let us know.

Ethan “the freethinking historian”


3 Responses to “The Anti-Vaccine Movement hits Vancouver”

  1. Rose said

    You call that free thinking? Go back to sleep, Sheep! You’ll believe the people who are profiting off vaccines over the people who have been harmed by vaccines? That is the opposite of free thinking. You’re taking your cues from the establishment. You are a controlled thinker. Get it straight.

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