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Show notes for Episode 50

Posted by Ethan Clow on February 17, 2010

Radio Freethinker episode 50 – Skeptical news, email on influencing water with thought, is peer review all its made up to be?

Song: King Tut by Steve Martin

Skeptical news:

King Tut and here.

New Northern Migration theory

Church of England Decides Science and Religion Compatible

Psuedoscientific Research & Peer Review

-peer review abused to keep innovative stem cell research from being published –
-is peer review useful? maybe, maybe not –
-Ben Goldacre on Elsevier, Medical Hypotheses, AIDS Denialism –
-Wiki on Medical Hypotheses: the proudly non-peer-reviewed journal –
-Elsevier considering mandating review of papers submitted to medical hypotheses –

The Society for Psychical Research: peer-reviewed research into pseudoscientific claims since the 1800’s – “human experiences that challenge contemporary scientific models.” –
-Journal of Parapsychology:
-Homeopathy Journals: Homeopathy

Skeptical Highlights

Epigenetics Talk by Dr. Samantha Beck

Vancouver Skepticamp 2010

Free Speech talk by Don McLenaghen

Special Reminder: Radio Freethinker will not air on CiTR on February 23rd, you can listen to episode 51 here on Stay tuned for more information!


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