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Posted by Ethan Clow on February 21, 2010

Hello all, so its been a busy few weeks for Radio Freethinker and I just wanted to take the opportunity to make sure everyone is caught up to speed.

First, I’m very pleased to announce that Radio Freethinker will now be an hour long show! CiTR has decided to expand the show and give us more time to promote skepticism and critical thinking. Obviously we are thrilled. Doing the show on CiTR gave us a built in audience and now with an new hour long time slot, we can start addressing topics and themes in far greater detail and with more content our listeners have come to expect. It goes without saying that if our listeners have suggestions or comments for the show or ideas that you want us to cover, please contact us and let us know!

The second big announcement is that episode 51 of Radio Freethinker will not be aired live on CiTR. The station is pre-empting regular scheduled programs for a very worthy cause, CiTR and CJSF along with Co-op Radio will be presenting the Homelessness Marathon, please check out the facebook group for more information and info on how you can help out this worthy cause.

Since we will not be going on air live, Radio Freethinker will do a special pre-recorded episode that will debute here on our website later this week! Remember to check by to listen or download it. Episode 51 is shaping up to be a great one, the topic will be populationdo we need to fear over population?

And finally I have another awesome announcement. On Wednesday February 24th, Radio Freethinker’s Don McLenaghen will be giving a talk hosted by CFI Vancouver on Free Speech! The location is at UBC in Buchanan room B215 and takes place from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. The discussion will begin with a short talk by Don, after which, people will be encouraged to ask questions, debate, and get involved in the conversation. There is no cost for this event but donations are welcome.

You can check out the event details at the Facebook event here there is also a meet up event for those of you who don’t use facebook.


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