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Show notes for Episode 57

Posted by Ethan Clow on April 6, 2010

Radio Freethinker Episode 57 – Skeptic News, Interview with Melany Fulgham on SkeptiCamp 2010, Email on Free speech, Is the Pope a Criminal?

Download episode here.

See previous show notes for content on Interview with Melany Fulgham and email on free speech and the Catholic Church.

Song: The Unbroken Thread by Symphony of Science

Skeptic News:

Atheists Brains different from believer brains?

Climategate Scientists Vindicated

Religious pettiness

Last Supper Gets Bigger?

Courts rule against Myriad

Skeptical Highlights:

April 10th at 11:00am is the first Cafe Inquiry, CFI’s monthly social gathering were we discuss various issues in an open format were everyone can contribute. The topic with be altruism and will take place at the Canfor Policy Room at SFU Harbour Centre

April 16th and 17th CFI, the UBC Freethinkers and Reasons to Believe present a series of debates on the subject of God and Christianity. The first debate on April 16th “Putting God to the Test” will feature Dr. Hugh Ross and representing CFI Dr. Rob Tarzwell. (At UBC at Woodward bldg room 2 at 7pm) The Second debate on April 17th “What’s right and wrong with Christianity?” will feature UBC Freethinker Brian Lynchehaun debating Hugh Ross. (Tenth Ave Church at 7pm)


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