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Show notes for Episode 58

Posted by Ethan Clow on April 14, 2010

Radio Freethinker Episode 58 – HST email and Polish conspiracy, interview with Dr. Rob Tarzwell on homeopathy and upcoming debate with Dr. Hugh Ross

Download the episode here.

Song: Don’t Want no HST by Rock 101

Skeptic News:

Polish plane crashconspiracy by Russia?

Morals Manipulable and here.

Smoking Ban works

Email on HST

Note: Episode 34 on November 1st covered the HST along with several Economic questions.

– Different between PST and GST – now same in HST
– PST on every level of purchase (eg. building materials not used by end consumers)
– GST only on “final” purchase (eg. me buying pizza at Pie R Squared)
– HST is like GST

Why do economists like it?

– Investments are exempt – investments key to growing economy
– Taxing consumption rather than working (income tax) gives incentive to work and save, rather than spend (good for the economy)
– Evens out tax burden on businesses (why should a restaurant be exempt when it’s payed at a retail store?)

– “Examination of detailed revenue data for the RSTs showed that effective tax rates on business inputs including capital goods are remarkably high. Eliminating such taxes through harmonization would have substantial effects on business investment. By my preferred estimate, annual machinery and equipment investment in harmonizing provinces rose 12.2 per cent above trend levels in the years following the 1997 sales tax reform. Given the high taxes on capital inputs in the remaining provinces, it seems reasonable to expect a similarly large short-run effect of reform on investment in the RST provinces as well.” – Michael Smart –

– “The necessary counterpart of the observation about RST input taxes is that a revenue neutral harmonization would increase statutory tax burdens on consumers substantially, especially through the broadening of the base to include purchases of new homes. This shift in statutory burdens is typically regarded as a major obstacle to implementing such a reform. The question is to what extent shifts in statutory burdens are reflected in shifts in true economic incidence, which in turn depends on the extent to which input taxes are shifted forward to consumers, or backward to factors of production, under the existing RSTs.” – Michael Smart

Main Topics

Dr. Rob Tarzwell on Homeopathy

Dr. Rob Tarzwell on upcoming debate with Hugh Ross.

Skeptical Highlights

Friday April 16th at 7:00pm at UBC’s Woodward building room #2 – CFI DEBATE: PUTTING GOD TO THE TEST – Dr. Rob Tarzwell debates Dr. Hugh Ross on the existence of God through a scientific context. The debate will be moderated by David Berner. Facebook event. Meetup event.

Friday April 17th at 7:00pm at 10th Avenue Church – CFI DEBATE: WHAT’S RIGHT AND WHAT’S WRONG WITH CHRISTIANITY? – Brian Lynchehaun will debate Hugh Ross on what’s right and what’s wrong with Christianity. Facebook event. Meetup event.

Thursday April 22nd at 7:30pm at SFU Harbour Centre (Room TBA) CFI LECTURE SERIES: HOW THE BRAIN LIES – Centre for Inquiry Vancouver is proud to present a talk by Radio Freethinker co-host Rob Teszka on how the brain lies.


One Response to “Show notes for Episode 58”

  1. Katie Tam said

    I actually am a big fan of the CFA’s I know, I find them quite reputable, I didn’t want to phrase what was going on there as self-dealing. Their report I mention above, with Levitt and Born among others on it, I pass along to many as a solid piece of financial reform. What I find frustrating when dealing with the general public and financial reform (especially with, though not limited to, those on the left) is their thought of finance as a unified field, and that the financial bailout, and potential for crony-style reform, as a bailout and propping up of the entire sector, when it is really a handful of bulge bracket sell-side firms who got the bailout.

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