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Lack of show notes for Episode 60

Posted by Ethan Clow on April 30, 2010

Unfortunately CiTR had another technical hiccup last week and there were some pretty obvious problems with the podcasting. Anyone who downloaded our latest episode will notice that most of it is blank except for about 12 minutes at the end where you can listen to a small portion of the show. Once again, this has caused us to lose another great episode and we apologize to our listeners and hopefully next week every thing will work out fine.

For those curious here’s what we talked about:

Radio Freethinker Episode 60 – Giant animals, sleep studies, cold fusion, Deepak Chopra

Skeptical News:

-Giant animals awe and disappoint us: (jelly fish) (giant worm)

Scientist sues National Post:

Stephen Hawking – Aliens will kill us? What do others think?

Sleep, Dreaming, and Memory:

Cold Fusion
– In a recent interview with Michael McKubre on NPR Science Friday, they had interviews with various presenters at the annual convention of Americian Chemical
– Several papers presented at the American Chemical Society 239th National Meeting
– It has been seen for a long time as ‘quack’ science, the scientific method proves stronger than prejudice

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