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Show notes for Episode 69

Posted by Ethan Clow on June 29, 2010

Radio Freethinker Episode 69 – Special guests Ian Cromwell and Jakob Liljenwall and discuss organic pesticides, Belgium police raid on Catholic Church and Confrontation vs Accommodation in the Skeptical Community

Download the episode here!

Song: Street Fighting Man by the Rolling Stones

Skeptical News:

Organic pesticides worse than synthetic ones

Belgium Police raid Catholic Church

The Xenotext experiment


Confrontation vs. Accommodation in the Skeptical/Atheist Community

Skeptical Highlights:

CFI Presents Lawrence Krauss “A Universe From Nothing” July 3rd at 7pm see for tickets and details.


2 Responses to “Show notes for Episode 69”

  1. […] president of CFI Vancouver (the handsome devil you saw talking to Deepak Chopra) on his radio show “Radio Freethinker” on UBC’s campus radio. This is a weekly skeptic podcast that looks at skeptic issues in the […]

  2. […] skeptics, Ian Cromwell and Jakob Liljenwall (who were both guest hosts on our show way back in Episode 69) each gave a talk about skepticism in some […]

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