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Show notes for Episode 81

Posted by Ethan Clow on September 24, 2010

Radio Freethinker Episode 81 – Vaccines and Heart Attacks, “Super” Potatoes, France bans head veils, HIV/Aids on decline in Africa, plus the Pope in the UK

Download the episode here!

Song: Losing my Religion by REM

Skeptical News:

Seasonal flu shot linked to reduced heart attack rate, study finds. See here.

French ban on full-length Islamic veils passes Senate. See here.

Scientists develop a potato with up to 60 percent more protein and 15 to 20% higher yields. See here.

Aids/HIV cases declining in Africa. See here.


The Pope’s comments in the UK and Richard Dawkins rebuttal.

Skeptical Highlights:

Criticize Israel—go To Jail? Author of Antisemitism Real and Imagined , Michael Keefer discusses the threat to free speech posed by an informal coalition of MPs, working to expand the definition of antisemitism to make it illegal to criticize Israel. Sept. 23, 2010, 7:30 pm at SFU Harbour Centre 515 W. Hastings

CFI Promotes Critical Thinking at James Van Praagh Event. Self proclaimed psychic and medium James Van Praagh is coming to Richmond to do a show at the River Rock casino on September 25th – CFI will be there handing out flyers encouraging critical thought over what Van Praagh is saying. We’ll be meeting at the Bridgeport bus loop, just underneath the Bridgeport skytrain around 5:45pm. The event starts at 8pm but we’ll start handing out flyers at 7pm. We encourage people to get there early so we have time to make any last minute plans. See Facebook event here.

CFI Debate : Is it wrong to eat meat? – Continuing our series of debates, CFI is proud to present this opportunity to examine the evidence and science behind claims that vegetarianism is healthier, ethical or environmentally friendly. The debate will feature (friend of the show ) Dr. Rob Tarzwell (who debated in the Putting God to the Test debate earlier this year, and none other than Radio Freethinker co-host Don McLenaghen. Dr Rob will be arguing that Vegetarianism is best option while Don will argue that it isn’t. This debate will take place on September 28th at 7pm in Room A130 at Langara College, admission is $5 ($4 for students) Free for CFI members. See Facebook Event here, and check out our website here.


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