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Show notes for Episode 83

Posted by Ethan Clow on October 5, 2010

Radio Freethinker Episode 83 – Alien Ambassador, New Planet, Updates from past shows, Why do Atheists know more about Religion than Believers?

Download the episode here!

Song: Think by Aretha Franklin

Skeptical News:

UN names scientist who will speak to Aliens or have they? The story isn’t true

Scientists think they may have found a planet which could host life, categorized as Gliese 581, see here and here

An update on the Pope’s legal issues, see here

An update on the May 6 “Flash Crash” released, see here


Atheists know more about religion than believers?,0,3225238.story

Quiz you can take:

Skeptical Highlights:

On October 15th CFI Vancouver is pleased to host another lecture by ‘The SkepDoc’ , Dr. Harriet Hall! Her talk, entitled “How to Identify Pseudoscience, Quackery, and Fraud” will be at Langara room A130 at 7:30pm General Admission – $7 Students – $4 CFI Members – Free!  See the event information here!

On November 20th, CFI Vancouver is presenting a live show of the long-running and highly popular science podcast The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe , with music by special guest George Hrab, host of the Geologica Podcast! This is taking place in the Hebb theatre at UBC at 2:30pm and tickets can be purchased at and here!


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