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Show notes for Episode 88

Posted by Ethan Clow on November 10, 2010

Radio Freethinker Episode 88 – Chupacabra, Jesus statue, science cheerleaders and Humanists ads by AHA. Plus Taxes

Download the episode here!

Song: Tax Man by the Beatles

Skeptical News:

Chupacabra revealed? See here

Polish Town Erects World’s Largest Jesus Statue, see here

American Humanist Association launches ad campaign, see here and here

Science Cheerleaders! see here and here


Taxes and Trickle-down-economics

Skeptical Highlights:

CFI Book Club: Contact — Saturday, November 13 · 1:00pm at the The Grind & Gallery Coffee Bar on Main St. Remember, November 9th is Carl Sagan day, He would have been 76 this year.

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe & George Hrab – Live in Vancouver – Saturday November 20th at 2:30pm in the Hebb Theatre – tickets available at Reception is sold out, but tickets to the live show remain. Remember, new and renewing CFI Members get free admission.

UBC Freethinkers Debate Reasons to Believe
Friday: Join the UBC Freethinkers as we discuss the natural and supernatural explanations of the origins of life! The debate will be between Dr. Fuz Rhana from RTB and friend of the show Dr. Rob Tarzwell. The debate starts at 7pm in Woodward Room #2 and there will be lots of time for audience Q&A. Also, it is completely free!

Saturday: Join us as we discuss issues around human morality and its relation to God. The evening includes speaker presentations, dialog, and audience Q & A. The discussion will be between Dr. Fuz Rhana and UBC’s own Mavaddat Javid. The discussion starts at 7pm at Tenth Ave. Alliance Church


2 Responses to “Show notes for Episode 88”

  1. Gerald said

    While talking about the Science cheerleaders Ethan Chow made a comment regarding approaches to scepticism. He used as an example, the consilatory approach of Phil Plait against the ‘strident’ approach of Richard Dawkins. I am left wondering why Dawkins is considered strident? He is never rude or impolite. He does not call people names or belittle them. He listens while he is in a debate and actually answers the points raised. Is it strident because he will actually say there is no god? PZ Meyers is a person who I might consider strident. But Richard Dawkins??? Am I missing something? I have read many books by him and watched a couple of his documentaries on the god question as well. I never saw him being strident.

    I have seen this opinion of Dawkins before coming from the sceptic movement. That the religious would want him branded as such is understandable. If Dawkins has a negative image, dismissing him as a crank is that much easier and they would not have to bother dealing with the issues raised. So what is the motive of the sceptic community in following on with this characterisation?

  2. Ethan Clow said


    I actually don’t consider Dawkins a “strident” atheists or any other synonym for aggressive, in-your-face, or confrontational. I find all those terms to be really counter productive. I was using the word however in the sense that Dawkins is typcially labeled “strident” etc.

    I think the so-called controversy of “accommodation vs confrontation” is largely manufactured and pointless.

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