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Listen to me Talk

Posted by Ethan Clow on November 26, 2010

A couple months ago, I gave a talk for the New Bright Lights lecture series here in Vancouver. The topic for the day was Skepticism, and myself and two other great skeptics, Ian Cromwell and Jakob Liljenwall (who were both guest hosts on our show way back in Episode 69) each gave a talk about skepticism in some form.

I chose to speak about history, as per my training and background. My talk was called Failing History, and was about the ways in which rational skepticism has been excluded from the realm of teaching history, and of course, how this is a huge problem for historians and skeptics alike.

The talks have been uploaded to Youtube and you can view mine here.  I was pretty happy with how they turned out. I noticed they cut out the beginning a bit where I had some mic problems and a lame joke. (Damn censorship) Otherwise, pretty good.

I do encourage you to check out the other talks. Especially Ian’s (which can be found on New Bright Light’s youtube channel, or on his blog The Cromunist Manifesto) as well as Jakob’s talk where he discusses Magic, Conviction, and Skepticism. And check out his blog at The Key of Atheist. Of course, my former co-host Rob Teszka started it all with his talk The Lying Brain.

But getting back to me…

As I said, I discussed the ways in which history is being taught, especially at the high school level, which is just abysmal. I’d especially like to hear from other history teachers and students, so please drop me a line.

To hear/read more of what I’ve written about history and skepticism, check out episodes 31 of Radio Freethinker to hear a discussion of Holocaust denial as well as some blog posts like The Knights Templar and The Holy Fictionalization of History over at Skeptic North and my bit on who really built the Pyramids


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