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Show notes for Episode 91

Posted by Ethan Clow on December 1, 2010

Radio Freethinker Episode 91 – Canadian Archbishop faces child molestation charges, Fox new north gets the green light, Father loses custody of children for being a non-believer, Stress and maternal infanticide, plus an interview with Jennifer McCreight author of the blog Blag Hag.

Jen McCreight discovers ketchup chips!

Download the episode here!

Song: Wave of Reason by Symphony of Science

Skeptical News:

Archbishop charged with sexual assault

Fox North aka Sun TV, get green light- see here

Father Loses Custody of His Children for Being Agnostic

Stress can lead to maternal infanticide? – see here


Interview with Jennifer McCreight author of the blog Blag Hag and creator of the phenomena known as Boobquake!

Skeptical Highlights:

CFI Book Club: The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas – Saturday, December 11th 2010 at 1:00 pm at the Grind Coffee Shop on Main street Vancouver – see event information here.

Ethan’s Failing History talk for New Bright Lights now online – check out the blog post on it here.

Wikileaks – Last chance to see them? More info here



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