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Extraordinary Press

Posted by Ethan Clow on December 3, 2010

It’s been a busy couple days. Ever since CFI Canada launched the new Extraordinary Claims campaign, there’s been an influx of comments and emails about the new slogan. If you haven’t already seen the campaign, I’d suggest you check out the website at and take a look. It’s pretty darn fantastic.

However in the last few days the story really caught fire as the press got word that CFI was once again going to be putting controversial ads on buses across the country.

The National Post covered the story and you can see that here. The article earned some condemnation from Kelly McParland on the National Post’s Full Comment section.

CTV Also ran a good piece about the Extraordinary Claims ads and you read that here.

The Province newspaper has also printed an article about the new ads, entitled: Atheists hope to spark debate by bringing controversial ad campaign to B.C.

Not to be outdone, so has the Vancouver Sun:  Christ meets Bigfoot: More irreverent atheist ads set to hit Canadian cities

The Metro in Vancouver took the question to transit riders in its article: Atheist ad no big deal: Vancouverites

Radio was not to be neglected either. News 1130 picked up the story as well.

I also appeared on the CBC Radio show On The Coast to chat about the new ads. I’m hoping they’ll post the interview on their website at some point. I was also on Jacked In 1150AM in Kelowna with Jessica Samuels, my segment isn’t up yet but hopefully it’ll get posted soon.
In addition, CFI Canada Board Member Pat O’Brien was a guest on CKNW AM 980 on the show The World Today you can hear Pat’s segment on the CKNW audio vault, he appears around 5:15 on December 2nd.
Did I miss anything? Have you heard the extraordinary claims or atheist bus ads in the news lately? Let me know!

2 Responses to “Extraordinary Press”

  1. Ian said

    “… CFI was once again going to be putting controversial ads on buses across the country.”

    To my knowledge, these are the first ads that CFI is putting on buses in Canada and I quite resent the mistakes in the press that suggest otherwise. Previous bus “probably no God” ads were put up by the Freethought Association of Canada and the “good without God” ads were put up by Humanist Canada.

  2. Ethan Clow said

    Ian, apologies if you find that wrong, but CFI was involved in partnership with the Freethought Association of Canada during the first ads. I suggest you bring your concerns to Justin Trottier who was involved in both campaigns as he might be better able to answer your questions.

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