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See? History can be fun and informative

Posted by Ethan Clow on February 3, 2011

This video came to my attention about a week ago and I would like to point it out again.

It’s a great little explanation of the confusing plethora of names the British Isles have. (Although as a friend pointed out, the term “British Isles” is out of favour as the Irish don’t particularly like being called “British” nor do the “British” like having Ireland included under that title.)

But aside from that, its a fun little video that clearly shows that history is interesting and if you package it right, it can even go viral.


One Response to “See? History can be fun and informative”

  1. John said

    A nice little informative video. I’m confused though, aren’t India, Pakistan et al also part of the commonwealth? They are at the Commonwealth games.

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