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Isabella Rossellini has sex with animals for Science

Posted by Ethan Clow on February 7, 2011

That’s a title I never thought I’d write…

But remarkably (very remarkably) I’m not being facetious, Isabella Rossellini, an internationally known actress, film maker, and author as well as daughter of Ingrid Bergman, formerly married to Martin Scorsese…is having sex with animals to teach science.

In what can only be described as the greatest animal sex education videos of all time…Rossellini dresses up as various animals, complete with puppets and cut out sets that look like they’re from Sesame Street, while simulating how various animals have sex. The series apparently began as Green Porno, but these new series of shorts are title “Seduce Me…”

“Sado-masochism excites me…ah” Rossellini sighs as she demonstrates how snails use projectiles to stab their mates during sex.

Amazingly, the sex is actually very accurate according to Rossellini:

“The first eight films I did by myself and I chose animals that I knew and observed regularly. Once these were a success, I was contacted by several scientists who wanted to collaborate, and two of them became part of our staff – John Bohannon, who writes for the magazine Science, and an Argentinian marine biologist called Claudio Campagna who works with the Bronx Zoo.” – source The Guardian

And of course this isn’t just for beastiality fans to get off on. Several of Rossellini’s films will go on show at the Natural History Museum in London, as part of a major exhibition called Sexual Nature.

So there you go. Another way to advance the cause of scientific literacy.


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