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Atheists: Pornography lovers and fornicators

Posted by Ethan Clow on February 19, 2011

This caught my attention over the last few days.

Apparently Ray Comfort, the Australian evangelists who is popularly known as the Banana Man in skeptic circles…

Yes, this guy.

Anyway, he has decreed that CFI Canada Board Member and Ottawa Citizen “Ask the Religion Expert” panellist  Kevin Smith, is a pornography loving, fornicating atheists. How does Ray Comfort back up these claims? Oh, he just knows these people.

Apparently Kevin Smith has received three phone calls from the Miracle Network (the station that previous clip was from)  apologizing for Comfort’s petty behaviour. I think that’s a smart move on their part. They want everyone to know they’re as embarrassed about this as anyone else. And they should be. Comfort is an embarrassment. A complete, fornicating, embarrassment.





2 Responses to “Atheists: Pornography lovers and fornicators”

  1. Crommunist said

    I don’t care what everyone else says, Ray Comfort DIDN’T beat a prostitute to death in 1995. He certainly didn’t chop the body into pieces and distribute them among different storm drains. I don’t know where the rumour that he ate some of her brains came from.

    Ray Comfort – didn’t beat a prostitute to death in 1995. Never happened.

  2. Ethan Clow said

    I have no idea where that rumour started either. But yah, Ray Comfort, certainly didn’t beat a prostitute to death in 1995.

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