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Show notes for Episode 104

Posted by Ethan Clow on March 2, 2011

Radio Freethinker Episode 104 – Pope charged with Crimes against Humanity, New Cell phone study, Fluoridation in Calgary’s water, Questions to ask politicians in upcoming elections

Download the episode here!

Opening bit from Dr. Strangelove

Skeptical News:

Pope Charged with crimes against humanity, see Ethan’s blog post here.

Cell Phone Radiation Affects Brain, see here and here.

Calgary removing fluoride from water supply:

The fluoride debate

The pros and cons of putting it in community drinking water


Skeptical questions to ask politicians

Skeptical Highlights:

PHILOSOPHERS’ CAFÉ – What makes a good teacher?  Teachers can forever poison a field of knowledge or area of effort and skill, or ignite a life-long passion for some dimension of knowing and doing, and sometimes even being, in the world. What makes a great teacher great?

Thu, March 3, 7pm – 9pm
False Creek Community Centre, 1318 Cartwright Street, Vancouver
Admission $5

Imagine No Religion Conference – Saturday, May 7 – in Kamloops, BC. This conference is presented by the Kamloops Centre for Rational Thought and CFI Okanagan, it features such speakers as PZ Myers, Brian Dalton, Jen McCreight, and Christopher DiCarlo. Check out for all the details.

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