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Saturday Stub: Get the Nazis for $49.99!!

Posted by Ethan Clow on March 26, 2011

While watching TV the other day I was shocked when I saw this commercial for a DVD documentary called Nazis: A Warning from History It was one of those “order now and you’ll get free shipping” type commercials that you usually see hocking Slapchop or Hitcut or whatever it’s called.

Take a look and see for yourself.

Now here’s my problem. I’ve seen Nazis: A Warning from History and yes the title is awful. However, it’s actually a great documentary. There is a ton of footage that was literally never-seen-before (when it came out back in 1997) and it did offer some really well thought-out perspectives on the rise of the Third Reich and why Nazism as a phenomena was able to capture the imagination of not just the German people but people all over the world.

All that being said, this commercial is terrible. Someone at Time Life (the organization selling it) apparently felt the Holocaust needed to be jazzed up a bit with an announcer who sounds like a guy telling us about Truckasaurus in the upcoming monster truck rally.

The wording of the commercial is also really questionable. At one point the announcer says “from deep within secret German achieves” which I assume is a reference to Nazi German achieves, of course it doesn’t help that the words “secret archives” is a huge red flag for historians.

Then we are informed that some of the footage is too “shocking” for TV…is that supposed to titillate us into buying the DVD’s? Does it come with a sticker that says “Unrated – Too Hot for TV!!”

When someone excitedly tells me to “Get the Nazis on Four DVDs for just $59.99” I kind of want to rip my face off and die. But that’s just me.

But really, it’s only $49.99 and you save on the shipping and handling! For that low low price you can “feel Hitler’s uncanny force of will!”

And don’t you want to learn how “everyday Germans turned into killers overnight”???


And again, it’s all the more frustrating that this actually is a good documentary. The series was produced by Lawrence Rees, a respected documentarian who also produced the amazing Auschwitz – The Nazis And The Final Solution for the BBC and featured some of the most respected historians in the field of Holocaust History.

Horrible commercial but worthy documentary.


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