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Saturday Stub: Atheists Ads in BC!

Posted by Ethan Clow on April 2, 2011

Are we all over our rambunctious April Fools Day? Never really understood April Fools Day, especially the ends some people go to in pulling off these always lame jokes. But you know what isn’t a joke? This week’s Saturday Stub that’s what!

It turns out the long awaited Atheists Bus ads will finally hit buses in British Columbia later this month! Check out the story here!

The ads will run for four weeks in Kamloops and Kelowna, starting the week of April 11th. The groups sponsoring the ads include the Kamloops Centre for Rational Thought and CFI Okanagan.  This is pretty exciting news. As listeners know, Radio Freethinker airs in Kamloops on CFBX 92.5FM every Friday at 3pm. We interviewed the President of the Kamloops Rationalists back in episode 86.

The good news was also reported over at Friendly Atheist but it turns out that not everyone is happy about the new ads. Dr. Tim Schroeder was quoted by AM1150 that:

“There is a bit of a tendency in it to be disrespectful. To advertise against a person’s personal beliefs in the pluralistic age in which we live, I am a bit surprised that is taking place, especially on city owned buses. Somebody had to approve this.”

In addition, BC Transit has stated that they had no choice but to run the ads, however, if the ads are vandalized or their arrive coincides with any negative behaviour, the ads would be removed. This begs the question, why would atheists vandalize their own ads that cost considerable money (not to mention the time it took convincing BC Transit to run them) It’s a good question.

So let’s review, some atheists decide to remind people they exist, some people find that disrespectful to be reminded that others disagree with them and the transit authorities publicly state that if anything bad happens around those ads, they’re coming down?

Does that sound fair to you?

One Response to “Saturday Stub: Atheists Ads in BC!”

  1. Alma said

    I do not believe in any god or religion. UNLIKE THOSE WHO WOULD TRY TO PUSH THEIR BELIEFS ON ME AND BULLY ME INTO SILENCE AND A LIFE OF A LIE AND SUBMISSION, I DO NOT WISH TO REFORM , BAD MOUTH, OR BULLY those who so foolishly believe.I have a right to express my say of such on any public media.I have a right to my say on any private media that will accept. Believers of gods have an extremly over powering one sided powerfull strength of media and government acceptance allowing their bullying ways to attempt to silence others who are different. It is against my rights as a citizen of a free Canada to drown my beliefs.

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