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Show notes for Episode 113

Posted by Ethan Clow on May 4, 2011

Radio Freethinker Episode 113 – Election results, Listener emails, SETI, Iphone tracking and Sony hacking and privacy

Download the episode here!

Song: Revolution by the Beatles


First off I am not catholic, conservative or bigot.
Just listened to RFT podcast E110, and I have to take exception. Analogy to the burka etc and a ski mask is ridiculous! I’m hazarding a guess here but I would think if I walked into a business with a ski mask on ( even in winter) and I didn’t remove it I do believe I would receive as much if not vastly more attention than a religious face covering. Most people wear ski masks for in-climate weather not religion. Why does ones religious beliefs make any difference in how they are treated or expected to act in public? Given the shows’ anti  western religions emphasis , e.g: this episode and catholic schools’ monopoly I am left feeling sceptical about your scepticism.

I work in downtown Vancouver one block from Robson Square, which is the site of a lot of protests and rallies, most recently the 4/20 marijuana event. I have noticed that when these protests get covered on the news, there always seems to be an argument between the event organizers and the police about how many people attended. The discrepancy is usually large, sometimes by an order of magnitude. Here is an example from the Vancouver Sun covering the 4/20 rally.
The police said 5000 people attended, while the organizers claimed the number was more like 10000. Is there any evidence about who is usually correct in these kinds of disputes? Whose numbers are more trustworthy?

Skeptical News:

Discussion of election results – see here

Osama Bin Laden killed – see here

SETI forced to shut down search for alien life – see here


Privacy and Hacking – How culpable are corporations at keeping private information secure? Is there an issue of buyer beware?

Iphone tracking – see here for info on how to secure this data.,2817,2383865,00.asp

Sony got hacked

Massive Breach at Epsilon

Skeptic Highlights:

Skeptics in the pub Kitsilano is Tomorrow May 4th at 7:30pm in the Billy Bishop Legion

Imagine no religion Conference is Saturday May 7th in Kamloops with an impressive line of speakers and events.


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