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Show notes for Episode 114

Posted by Ethan Clow on May 10, 2011

Radio Freethinker Episode 114 – Coverage of the Imagine no Religion conference, Interview with Justin Trottier and Loren Price, Killing Bin Laden, Sharia Law in Canada

Download the episode here!

Song: Law by the Clash

Skeptical News:

Coverage of the Imagine No Religion Conference

The Killing of Bin Laden, see:

1] “Israel struggles with targeted killing”. MSNBC. August 27, 2006
[2] Pincus, Walter. “US says Yemen aided missile strike” The Washington Post, 2002.11.06
[on torture]


Justin Trottier, National Executive Director of CFI Canada and Loren Price, Chair of CFI Okanagan

-Removal of the atheist bus ads in Kelowna – see here and after investigation no leads are uncovered. CFI is on the hook for the ads since the advertising contract with CFI stipulates it accepts liability for vandalism to ads.


Sharia Law courts

Skeptical Highlights:

UBC Freethinkers Breakfast of Champions  – Sunday, May 22 · 10:30am at the Kings Head Pub see event listing here


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