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Show notes for Episode 115

Posted by Ethan Clow on May 17, 2011

Radio Freethinker – 115 – Slut walk, the Canadian Supreme Court, Pitzer College offers course in Secularism, Interviews with Stuart Bechman, former president of AAI and Jen McCreight of Blag Hag.

Jen McCreight and Stuart Bechman. Photo by Fred Bremmer

Download the episode here!

Song: Raise a little Hell by Trooper

Skeptical News:

Slut Walk Vancouver – see here

The Canadian Supreme Court – see here – Harper will appoint up to five new judges – see here

Pitzer College offers course in Secularism – see here and here


Stuart Bechman, past president of Atheist Alliance International and currently is the Director for the Institute of Humanist Studies

Jen McCreight, author of the blog Blag Hag – to learn more about the American Atheists’ Southeast Regional Atheist Meet in Alabama controversy see the blog post by Lyz Liddell and Sharon Moss here. See the follow up post here.

Skeptical Highlights:

CFI Canada’s youtube channel Think Again, has a new video up where Justin Trottier tries to investigate the missing atheist ads in Kelowna. See the video here

Vaccination Science and Politics: What Should We Believe? – May 19, 2011, 7:30 pm at Vancouver Unitarian Church 949 W49th Street.

Biochemist Lucija Tomljenovic discusses evidence-based medicine and whether it supports the contention that vaccination saves lives with negligible adverse reactions. More information at

Free admission


2 Responses to “Show notes for Episode 115”

  1. FYI – I did a F@#@-up on the show, my apologizes. When i described the attempt to bring in committee approval as a check on the PM’s power to appoint justices i confused the ‘who-did-what’. The upcoming Blog post will have this correction, but for those who just check the notes. Here is what i should have said…

    There has be over time many complaints about the power invested in the PM to “stack the deck” with ideologically friendly justices, that there was no input from the Parliament in these appointment and there was a lack of transparency in the process. In response to these criticism, Prime Minister Paul Martin in 2004 attempted (actually several attempts) to set up a committee to review nominees; however this process become politicised when the Conservatives on the committee refused to sign off on the report from the committee because they felt the powers they had were insufficient; desiring a system that emulated the process in the USA where justices must be voted on by the senate prior to appointment…a process that is now considered a hyper-partisan freak show. In response, the process was amended so as to allow the committee to select the “top three” candidates from a list of 7, one of which the PM would then select. Once in power, Harper did set up a review committee for his first nominee but quickly abandoned the idea and appointed the nominee of his choice stating that the process was too slow and political.

  2. […] and Hinduism. You can listen to Jen talk about that when I interviewed her in Kamloops (see here) She mentions how in Hinduism the wife is subject to her husband – which is faith based […]

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