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The Saga of Persecution Continues

Posted by Ethan Clow on May 20, 2011

The other day I blogged about the case of Damon Fowler, the high school student who stood up for secularism and asked his school to not violate church state separation, recently a video of his “class night” (a rehearsal for graduation) has made its way onto the internet. A number of skeptics have already been commenting on it, Jen McCreight wrote an excellent piece on it.

Here’s the video in question:

As Jen points out, this isn’t about prayer anymore. This is about singling someone out for mockery, shame, and hatred. This is about saying “I think this way, the right way, all you good folks think like me, the right way, and anyone who thinks differently from us, they’re wrong. They’re bad people. They get what’s coming to them.” The crowd seemed to enjoy the sentiment.

Hemant Mehta, over at Friendly Atheist, has posted a very good time line of events which I think really make it clear that the motivation of the school, its teachers, fellow students and townsfolk is about attacking this young man’s character in addition to intimidation of the worst kind.

Hemant has also set up a donation page for people to help support Damon. This money is not a reward for rattling the cage but rather for Damon’s education. Because of his willingness to stand up as a freethinker, Damon has been disowned by his family. He’s moving to live with his brother and its likely his parents will no longer financially support him. This would spell doom for his hope of attending university. All the money that’s being raised is so Damon can earn a great education and continue to be a great contributor to the free thought community.

Of course you can also help Damon out by liking his Facebook page.

If you head over to the Freedom From Religion Foundation, they have a page set up with the contact information of the school and the school board. I don’t know if they’ll care too much if Canadians write in, but to our American readers, please do take a few moments to send them your thoughts.

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