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Power Restored!

Posted by Ethan Clow on June 10, 2011

After a brief disruption, Radio Freethinker is back up and running. Previously we were experience some kind of re-direct loop and old links were linking (which can be very frustrating) We now return you to your regularly scheduled Radio Freethinker.

After a frantic 24 hours, our dedicated team of experts have restored service.

One Response to “Power Restored!”

  1. Alma Miller said

    i type how i please. no one is paying me and i am not in school. :>]

    those poor ladies. not a time i would like to go back to unless a few things went back with me. lol
    they remind me of a statistic i saw years ago. hope i have this right……

    women who painted the florescent markers on old wind up clocks had their cancer traced to that job.

    i would appreciate being corrected about that.

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