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Radio Freethinker Welcomes Two New Voices!

Posted by Ethan Clow on June 20, 2011

We at Radio Freethinker are pleased to welcome two new voices to the show! I hope you’ll all tune in tomorrow at our usual time at 3:30pm on CiTR 1019.FM when we have with us Deidre Olson and Jenna Capyk!

Deidre is a young, music loving, political science student, with an interest in secular issues and becoming a skeptical activist.

Jenna is no stranger to podcasts having appeared on the very funny Caustic Soda show discussing leprosy. Jenna is a biochemist at the University of British Columbia with an interest science popularization.

If you can’t hear us on the radio, don’t fret. You can also listen to the live stream at or simply subscribe to the podcast on Itunes or your preferred podcast aggregator.

We’re very excited to bring in some new perspectives and opinions to the show and to the blog. Both Deidre and Jenna have promised to be very controversial and strident and all that stuff. As always, Radio Freethinker has been about challenging dogma no matter where it is, we intend to bring skepticism and critical thinking to the forefront of the important conversations of life.  So we want you out there to remember, if you’d like to suggest content, segments or ideas for the show, or even if you think we’re dead wrong… give us an email at


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