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The Pope is on Twitter

Posted by Ethan Clow on June 30, 2011

That’s right, the holy vicar of God’s empire on earth is now bringing the words of God to you in 140 characters and less. The Pope is on Twitter.

Ok, so that’s not exactly true…Despite what some of the headlines are saying, the Pope didn’t just sign up for a twitter account and you can’t reach him at @ThePope or anything.

The Vatican has a twitter account for their news service called @news_va_en (which probably means news of the Vatican in English)

Now what  the Pope did was use this account, here was his first tweet:

Not very impressive is it? But did we expect him to write? “Dear Friends, sorry about all the child molestation #firstworldproblems”? Yah, that’s not going to happen.

This, in my opinion, is basically a photo opportunity for Ratzinger to be seen with an Ipad and they’re hoping it will make young people think: Oh look, the Pope has an Ipad, the Church is trendy now! And of course, I doubt any young person will actually think that. Do we honestly think that the Ratzinger will start taking the time to tell us about the minutia of his life? My guess is that every once in a while some message will appear on Twitter from Ratzinger but that’s it. I don’t expect him to be re-tweeting or anything like that.

The Ipad is...

On a more serious note, it’s interesting to see the Vatican embracing (some) new technology. The Catholic Church has taken a real beating in the media ever since Ratzinger took over, so it doesn’t really surprise me to see them pulling out all the stops to get some positive attention for a change. Of course, using the same medium/strategy that celebrities use to hock movies and CD’s and inform the world of their drug use and sexcapades is a bit odd.

And the Vatican is only embracing some technology. They still haven’t gotten around to seeing the use of condoms yet either.


One Response to “The Pope is on Twitter”

  1. Alma Miller said

    O Ethan, thanks for the good laugh. It was reported that the pope was hitting for a 10% rate of his child rapists, child molesters, his no age matters rapists, his adulterating rapists……..on and on.

    My mother was an Irish Catholic from Dublin, my father’s grandfather was a catholic from France. The nun’s taught us all through grade school. When I was about 10, I was silently questioning this religion stuff, by the time I was getting close to 12, I was “cutting” mass on Sundays. My children and grandchildren are not baptised and were not schooled in a religious school, I did not marry a man of religion and I am divorced.

    ??10 %, how about 0%, how safe his followers must feel, how confident the parents must feel, “o we only have a 100% ooops 10% rate of child molesters, it’s fine for my little boy , or little girl to be alone at church in the back where they get ready for a mass and have some “play time after”, “I feel confident about my teenage daughter being alone around our priest at church or any other function”, “my wife couldn’t possibly be unfaithful to me with our parish priest”.

    Denial is a wonderfull wonderfull tool of the human mind and character. I know that from my own experiences.

    The world is suffering in it’s entirety of overpopulation and hunger and violence etc. and this rich religion pampers their higher ups with hmmm, who knows. I saw a documentary of sorts either on t.v. or a dvd. a building for the cardinals to stay, or to stay and have a convention in the U.S. cost, 33 million dollars, I apologize if I am not stating the right amount. I remember being flabbergasted anyway. This religion is suppose to be all about no extravagant living, humble. Their leaders and priests are anything but.

    Don’t forget their less than human treatment of women. I used to say god is female, untill I realised what a bad joke it was, no female god would have created women to suffer such female conditions and suffering. We are built to have babies? If we were truly built for such a wonderfull thing, where’s the zipper on our bellies etc etc.

    Religions, they are probably the biggest or 2nd biggest problem on earth.

    :>] :>] :>]

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