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Show notes for Episode 123

Posted by Ethan Clow on July 12, 2011

Radio Freethinker Episode 123 – Town revokes Hitler’s citizenship, Was Putin sent by God for Russia? Bombs inside Terrorists and The power of language and Scientific Jargon

Download the episode here!

Song: “That’s Mathematic” by Tom Lehrer

Skeptical News:

Atlantis blasts off on end-of-era spaceflight, see here

Hitler’s hometown revokes his honorary citizenship, see here

Halifax school removed the name “Cornwallis ” see here

Vladimir Putin was sent by God, see here

Threats from inside a Terrorist, see here


The power of Language and Scientific Jargon

Skeptical Highlights:

– Movie: The Ledge

In the new film The Ledge, Charlie Hunnam plays an atheist named Gavin who is about to kill himself because of a dispute with a Christian villain named Joe (played by Patrick Wilson).

Director Matthew Chapman says “Although books have put atheists into the intellectual mainstream, The Ledge is the first Hollywood drama to target the broader movie-going public with an openly atheist hero in a production big enough to attract A-list stars. This is unprecedented.”

Its available on iTunes or at Sundance Now (

The Beast of Bottomless Lake DVD Release Party (and Screening) the film produced by Friend of the show Kennedy Goodkey and featuring David Nykl as Dr.Paul Moran who is on a quest to find the Ogopogo! Denman Cinemas 1779 Comox St Vancouver, BC at 6:30pm on Friday, July 15. Tickets: $15 in Advance (not available at the door) Tickets can be purchased online here.


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