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Talking Vaginas – How Could This Go Wrong?

Posted by Ethan Clow on July 27, 2011

I saw this on The Colbert Report a few days ago. Colbert shows this clip of a talking “vagina” from a commercial by Summer’s Eve, a company that produces feminine wash products.

Here’s the first commercial:

Are you cringing? Can’t figure out why? On the surface, it’s not a horrible commercial, people are talking about it, right? In fact, it’s part of a larger campaign by Summer’s Eve called V-Power which is designed to make women aware of their vagina’s (weren’t they already?) and educate them on how to stay healthy. That doesn’t sound too bad, women shouldn’t let modesty stand in the way of making sure their vaginas are healthy and they know how to recognize warning signs when something is wrong. And besides, it’s not like the V-Power website is all pink and frilly and stereotypical with heart-shaped vagina’s and little or no medical/biological information…oh wait. It is.

Okay, okay, but there’s bound to be some information in there that women should know about. Let’s get back to those commercials. Did you feel vaguely uncomfortable while watching the first one? Well, how about these other two? Yes, that’s right. Two more. Because Summer’s Eve realized that there were more than just white women’s vagina’s out there.


As Stephen Colbert said, those vaginas sound…urban. So now we have two areas to be skeptical in, is Summer’s Eve actually trying to educate women for the better of public health or are they just trying to create an ad campaign i.e. is their V-Power initiative actually providing any real or useful advice?  And… are they trying to do that while making bafflingly racist commercials about talking vaginas?


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