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Double standards of terrorism – Chapter 3

Posted by Don McLenaghen on August 6, 2011

Who’s culpable for terrorism?

I thought it interesting the jump by many, sadly atheist and skeptics alike, to link any Muslim who does such a crime as being the natural outflowing of Islamic teaching. It is a knee jerk reaction of the ‘western media’ to assume any ‘major’ act of violence is somehow related to Islam. Many of us on the aggressive edge of atheism have been called to task for our readiness to join such condemnations even to the point of being co-opted by those with a racist or xenophobic agenda.

A number of us atheist types though were willing to label our Norwegian a “Christian terrorist”, however when this was done much commotion was raised by the Christian right that this was unfair. I found it offensive when some (notably Fox news, to no surprise) used the massacre in Norway as an opportunity to show the victimization of Christians because the term ‘terrorist’ and ‘Christian’ were used together. As we have already discussed the term “Christian Terrorist” does seem applicable in spite of the remonstrations of those on the right.

When the linkages are made for our violent Norwegian and Christianity, such links to the violence of Christianity are side stepped by claiming he was not a ‘true Christian’…that Christianity is a religion of tolerance, peace and love…sound familiar? This is the same thing that Muslim’s say when violence is tied to Islam…claims the Christian right routinely ignore and claim as only false propaganda; yet then they do it are we to think it honest? As someone who believes religion leads to bad thinking, I would hold that all religion is innately bad and potentially a gateway belief to violence. Religion may not be the ‘context’ for conflict but it is often the justification for it.

Now, the extreme right in Europe has tried to disavow our Norwegian…they explain that although our actor explicitly lists them as his inspiration, they cannot be held accountable for the actions of a ‘mad man’. Now it is true that people can read anything they wish into the writing of another. Many free-market libertarians often read Adam Smith as their inspiration while ignoring his strong beliefs in socialism and communal responsibility. That said, I think it simplest to list what they have said and let you, my wise reader, decide if these were misinterpretations of a madman or incitements to violence.

“Islam is a religion of violence. There can be no accommodation with it. They are trying to destroy us,”
Robert Spencer

“We wanted Catholics to become informed about Islam because not only is Islam the church’s chief rival in terms of religion but Islam is a serious threat to the peace and well-being of the Western world in general,”
Robert Spencer

Islam is the Trojan Horse in Europe. If we do not stop Islamification now, Eurabia…will just be a matter of time. One century ago, there were approximately 50 Muslims in the Netherlands. Today, there are about 1 million Muslims in this country. Where will it end?”
Geert Wilders

“Islam is not a religion, it’s an ideology, the ideology of a retarded culture. I have a problem with Islamic tradition, culture, ideology.”
Geert Wilders

“America has been infiltrated on all levels by radicals who wish to harm America,” “In the Muslim world, extreme is mainstream,” she wrote. She said that there is a “cancer” infecting the world, and said: “The cancer is called Islamofacism. This ideology is coming out of one source: The Koran.”
Brigitte Gabriel

“We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.”
Ann Coulter

“Despite what they may say, Muslims are and have always been on a mission to conquer and kill infidels. They’ve been doing it for centuries and will continue until we’re all dead, or they’re all dead, or the world ends, whichever comes first. We need to get over ourselves and focus on stopping the spread of Islamofascism. Period.”
La Shawn Barber

“Thousands of alienated young Muslims, most of them born and bred here but who regard themselves as an army within, are waiting for an opportunity to help to destroy the society that sustains them.”
Melanie Phillips

“Islamists have a global vision that requires control over non-Muslim countries too – and specifically the United States. Their universal ambitions certainly can be stopped, but first they must be understood and resisted. Only when Americans realize that the Islamists intend to replace the U.S. Constitution with Shariah will they enter the fourth and final era of this war.”
Daniel pipes

“Disguised as religion, Islam has penetrated the democracies with the aim of replacing civility and liberty with the barbarism of theocracy and Sharia. Islam’s multi-prong attack aims to destroy all that liberty offers.
Presently, America is faced with a formidable enemy in a Trojan horse called Islam. This imminent danger makes it imperative to revisit the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and make the necessary changes to legally defeat Islam’s subversion of the democratic system.
Steadfastly confronting Islam is the only way to defeat a fanatical enemy who does not believe in negotiation or compromise. For Islam, it is winner take all.
Islam must be recognized for what it is: a Trojan horse carrying in its belly what will assuredly slaughter all who stand for everything that is precious to free people.”
Amil Imani

It cannot be doubted the our Norwegian felt that he had no option but to take up arms and trigger a revolution he believed would save Europe from terrorism. Yet it is interesting that the only terrorism…threat he seems to see is Islam, yet terrorism is rife in Europe. In our final chapter we will discuss how terrorism has been regionalized.


3 Responses to “Double standards of terrorism – Chapter 3”

  1. Ian said

    Great series. I think you ought to identify the reason each of those speakers is (in)famous, as I am only aware of Geert Wilders and Ann Coulter (without resorting to Google).

  2. As requested, a backgrounder on the people in quotes.

    Robert Spencer – founded and director of Jihad Watch, dedicated to “bringing public attention to the role that jihad theology and ideology plays in the modern world, and to correcting popular misconceptions about the role of jihad and religion in modern-day conflicts.

    He has also written a number of books notable:
    The Truth About Muhammad: Founder of the World’s Most Intolerant Religion
    The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (And the Crusades)
    Stealth Jihad: How Radical Islam is Subverting America without Guns or Bombs
    Onward Muslim Soldiers: How Jihad Still Threatens America and the West

    Geert Wilders – a Dutch right-wing politician and leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV), (sadly) the third-largest political party in the Netherlands. Wilders has campaigned to stop what he views as the “Islamisation of the Netherlands”. He compares the Quran with Mein Kampf and has campaigned to have the book banned in the Netherlands. He advocates ending immigration from Muslim countries, and supports banning the construction of new mosques. He calls for the replacement of the present Article 1 of the Dutch constitution, guaranteeing equality under the law, by a clause stating the cultural dominance of the Christian, Jewish and humanist traditions. He wrote and commissioned the move Fitna which attempts to demonstrate that the Qur’an motivates its followers to hate all who violate Islamic teachings. There have been several attempts to have Wilders convicted under Dutch Hate Crimes law, none have yet to succeeded.

    Brigitte Gabriel – the pseudonym of Nour Saman. founder of ACT! for America (a non-profit issues advocacy organization to oppose the authoritarian values of radical Islam, such as the celebration of death, terror and tyranny) and American Congress for Truth (a non-profit organization which denounces Islamic fundamentalism). She is a blogger as well as an author.

    Some of her books:
    Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America
    They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It.

    Ann Coulter – Will not waste my time on her, if there were a god, she would be a nauseating stupid Satan!

    La Shawn Barber – A prolific and influential blogger (La Shawn Barber’s Corner) and writer. She has contributed to The Washington Times, The Washington Post, The Washington Examiner, Today’s Christian Woman, and other publications. Her work has also appeared online at Jewish World Review, National Review Online,, and other sites.

    Melanie Phillips – A British journalist and author. In 2003, she won the award for “Most Islamophobic Media Personality of the Year” from the Islamic Human Rights Commission, an organisation she described as “the most conspicuous promoter of Khomeini jihadism in the UK”.

    Books by her:
    Londonistan: How Britain Is Creating a Terror State Within
    The World Turned Upside Down: The Global Battle Over God, Truth and Power

    Daniel Pipes – An American writer, blogger and political commentator. nomination by U.S. President George W. Bush to the board of directors of the U.S. Institute of Peace. Set up CampusWatch in 2002 to identified what it saw as five problems in the teaching of Middle Eastern studies at American universities: “analytical failures, the mixing of politics with scholarship, intolerance of alternative views, apologetics, and the abuse of power over students”. The project was accused of “McCarthyesque intimidation” of professors who criticized Israel.

    Book he wrote:
    Slave Soldiers and Islam: The Genesis of a Military System
    Militant Islam Reaches America
    In the Path of God: Islam and Political Power

    Amil Imani – Iranian born author and commentator. President of Iranian Freedom Initiative.

    Some articles by him:
    Islam is the Enemy of Freedom
    Never Mind the Bomb, Beware of Islamofascism
    Is Islam a Trojan Horse?
    Europe Shall Bleed, Once Again
    Islam Must Be Stopped In America
    Will America Survive Islamofascisim?

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