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Saturday Stub: Helpful Advice for new UBC Students

Posted by Ethan Clow on September 10, 2011

Welcome to another Saturday Stub, where I take a quick look at something of interest to skeptics and freethinkers.

It’s the first week of classes at UBC and students from all over the world are now ankle deep in life at the University of British Columbia, all full of hopes and dreams and that jazz.

While I was on campus getting ready for the show, I saw this handy little guide entitled  The Book: Everything you need to know about surviving your year at UBC

Well, I thought, this might be interesting. It’s a small pamphlet or booklet produced by the team at the Ubyssey, the campus newspaper at the university.

Flipping through it I found some practical information like advice from students, maps of campus, a bit of who’s who.

In fact, most of it seems quite fine. Until I got to the part about sex.

One of the sections reads:

STIs that start with H:

Herpes, hepatitis and HIV are serious health concerns that make having sex super awkward. Always wear a condom.

Okay, well that’s one way of putting it.


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