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Welcoming Winnipeg

Posted by Ethan Clow on September 12, 2011

The Radio Freethinker Media Empire has expanded once more! This time in Winnipeg, Manitoba! That’s right, Radio Freethinker can now be heard on CJUM 101.5FM in Winnipeg, Mondays at 8am!

CJUM has a long history of providing campus community radio in Winnipeg. Broadcast out of the University of Winnipeg, the station began in 1975 but due to financial difficulties had to close down in 1980. The station, however, was one of the first two campus radio station in Canada to receive a broadcast licence. In 1996 a group of students campagined to get a campus radio station back and succeeded. In 1997 CJUM (aka UMFM) was approved by the CRTC and started broadcasting in 1998.

We here at Radio Freethinker are of course very honoured to be added to their lineup and we encourage anyone local in Winnipeg to check us out.

CJUM seems like a pretty skeptic-friendly place too. Looking at their schedule I noticed how Radio Freethinkers follows another skeptical show, our comrades over at Skeptically Speaking! So they have a nice block of rational radio there Monday mornings!

And for any local Winnipeger’s who heard our show, welcome! Have a look around and check out some our blog posts and be sure to download and subscribe to our podcast as well as follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

You might want to check out a few of these posts as they deal with some local Winnipegish issues!

Saturday Stub: The Winnipeg Jets Are Back but Are They American?

Show notes for Episode 124 – including a discussion of prayer in Manitoba Schools!



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