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Show notes for Episode 136

Posted by Ethan Clow on October 12, 2011

Radio Freethinker Episode 136 – Dawkins banned from event, psychological disorders linnked to religious belief? Understanding diversity in science testing, plus the Nobel and Ig-Nobel prizes

Download the episode here!

Skeptical News:

Richard Dawkins event canceled because venue saw his interview on the Bill O’Reilly Show, see here and here

-see the interview with Richard Dawkins and Bill O’Reilly here.

Religious origins in a genetic disorder? see here and here.

Stereotyping: not just for high school anymore.


A Nobel pursuit

Bottle Sex – super-normal stimulation

Is a sigh just a sigh?

The power of the PEE

Skeptical Highlights:

Occupy Howe Street

Last week i informed our listeners about a major popular uprising in the US called Occupy Wall Street. Well, it seems RFT is having its unparalleled influence again. I have heard rumours that this Saturday around noon we here in Vancouver will have our own Occupy event…Occupy Howe Street. It is reported to be happening on the lawn of the Art Gallery .

Antibiotic Reminder

I hate to tell you all but its fall and the wind is up and the bugs are ready to fly. I know I’ve noticed in my building they’ve started rolling out the hand sanitizer dispensers and I’m about to start avoiding toddlers like the plague. It’s also the time of year that we make choices about antibiotic use. To make these choices in an informed and rational way check out my latest blogpost on And That’s Science on some of the underlying principles of antibiotic effectiveness and resistance. It’s at

FREE lecture with Dr. Jessica Tracy: DEATH AND SCIENCE – Monday, October 24 · 6:30pm. See Facebook Event Here

The UBC Freethinkers Club and the BC Humanists are proud to co-sponsor this FREE lecture by Dr. Jessica Tracy: “DEATH AND SCIENCE: : The Existential Underpinnings of Belief in Intelligent Design and Discomfort with Evolution”

Jessica Tracy is an Associate Professor of Psychology at UBC, who specializes in research on emotion and self. She is a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar and a Canadian Institutes for Health Research New Investigator, and won the 2010 Early Career Award from the International Society for Self and Identity.


2 Responses to “Show notes for Episode 136”

  1. Yiorgos said

    At the end of the episode you mentioned a Cafe Sci talk at the Railway on Oct 25. I was a bit confused because you said it was on the same night as Skeptics in the Pub, but I believe that is actually on Oct 18. Can you confirm if the Cafe Sci event is Oct 25 and if it’s advertised anywhere online? Is there a consistent place where Cafe Sci events are advertised? I’m trying to attend more of them but having a hard time finding information.

    • Ethan Clow said

      Yes, that’s my mistake. Jenna’s Cafe Sci will be on the 25th at the Railway Club in Vancouver. Skeptics in the Pub is on the 18th (third Tuesday of the month) at the Railway Club as well.

      Normally there is a Facebook event for Cafe Sci but there doesn’t appear to be one yet. They also have a newsletter, I think, but I’m not sure how to get on it. If you use Facebook I would join the Vancouver Skeptics in the Pub facebook group as it has links to pretty every event happening in the area.

      One all the details are clear we’ll post it on this site.

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