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Saturday Stub: Getting Political with David Letterman

Posted by Ethan Clow on October 15, 2011

For this week’s Saturday Stub I thought I post a couple clips from recent episodes of the Late Show with David Letterman. Why would I do that? Well, recently Dave had on as his guest former President Bill Clinton and the next night the host of the O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly.

Now I don’t normally dive into the arena of politics or political science (except for the few times I do) but I was rather intrigued by situation of Letterman interviewing Clinton and O’Reilly consecutively. Obviously O’Reilly is known in most circles as a right-wing pundit with more attitude than facts, generally you don’t go on his show for informed debate, usually its to get yelled at by O’Reilly and called a “pinhead.” Nevertheless, I’m always intrigued to see him outside his comfort zone. And I can’t imagine the Late Show is his comfort zone, on a previous appearance, Letterman suggested he was full of shit (paraphrasing)

Not to come across as some Clinton cheerleader either, I have major objections to his politics and I’m often surprised by how frequently he touts his “accomplishments” when he was President, really makes it sound like he’s campaigning for re-election. Nevertheless, here we have two spokespeople on either side of the political spectrum in American and Letterman asks them both some interesting questions about the Occupy Wall Street protests among other things. Have a look:

President Clinton on Dave Letterman Oct. 12 2011 Part 1

President Clinton on Dave Letterman Oct. 12 2011 Part 2


Now take a look at O’Reilly:

Part 2 of O’Reilly on Letterman Oct. 13 2011


And if you’re wondering, no I haven’t read O’Reilly’ book. I did however glance at it the other day in the book store. I noticed a few things right off the bat, first, O’Reilly’ name is a whole lot bigger than the other author. I flipped through it quickly and read a few lines, would you be surprised if I said a few red flags came up? Okay, honestly its not as bad as you might expect. Basically its more of a personal taste thing. But the book begins with a fictional narrative of Lincoln. What I mean by that is it has one of those… “Lincoln felt cold and anxious and slowly rubbed his temples as he contemplated…”  one of those narratives. I assume that’s only at the beginning. Nevertheless I’ve always disliked it when writers do that. It can really give the subject a voice or impression that isn’t accurate and really colour the rest of the book with a bias that may or may not be correct.

Anyway, perhaps I’ll borrow a copy from the library some time.

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