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Show notes for Episode 138

Posted by Ethan Clow on October 26, 2011

Radio Freethinker Episode 138 – Robots and Robot ethics with special guest Ajung Moon, biominetics, AI, and Robot-Human relations

Download the Episode here!

Special Guest Ajung Moon see her website Roboethics Info Database: A Place to Talk about the Newest Technologies and the Ethical Issues Behind Them


CubeStorm II the Rubik Cube solving robot, see here

Biomimetic robotics, see here and here

Discussion on AI, MI, and EI in Robots:,0,7812744,full.story

Star Trek TNG episode The Measure of a Man

Star Trek Voyager episode Author, Author

Skeptical Highlights:  

Climate Corruption:  The Smart People and Big Money Behind the Campaign to Deny Global Warming

Thursday, October 27, 2011, YWCA Vancouver Program Centre @ 535 Hornby Tix $25

Against overwhelming evidence of dangerous changes in our climate, scientists say we have done much too little to save ourselves from this certain threat.  Yet political foundations in Canada and British Columbia are backing away even from their admittedly inadequate targets.  This is no accident.  For more than two decades, some of the richest companies and foundations in the world have promoted a policy of confusion and denial in the climate discussion.

In their award-winning book, Climate Cover-up, investigative journalist Richard Littlemore and David Suzuki Foundation Chair James Hoggan pointed fingers and named names.  In this lecture, Littlemore will bring the exposure of wrongdoers home to Vancouver and offer an inoculation against the muddled and corrupt thinking that characterizes Canadian journalism and current political debate.

CiTR Fundrive is coming up on November 17th – we at Radio Freethinker will of course be encouraging listeners to call in and donate some money to help us out here at CiTR and we’ll have some great unique skeptical prize packs.


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