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Saturday Stub: Things have finally gotten better for Female Royalty

Posted by Ethan Clow on October 29, 2011

For today’s Saturday Stub, I submit to you that it has finally gotten better for women in the British Royal Family. I guess there was an Occupy Buckingham Palace.  This story is pretty straight forward. Basically, the nations that still accept the monarchy have scrapped the law of primogeniture from the rule book. What that means is that a girl is now eligible to be considered “first in line” for Queen. Prior to this, if the current royals had a girl had been first, she would not be the immediate heir, rather a younger brother would have been the heir (despite being born second or third or however many times it took)

So whew. It’s nice to see that will all the other issues going on in the world, we’ve finally sorted out the monarchy.

I actually rather like the opening line of the New York Times piece linked to above.

“The 16 countries that recognize the British monarch as head of state struck a historic blow for women’s rights on Friday, abolishing male precedence in the order of succession to the throne.” – New York Times

Seriously? A blow for women’s rights? Are you allowed to say that about the monarchy? A system so out dated and opposed to “rights” as any other political organization. Okay, okay, its a little less discriminating against girls… girls who have to be born into the monarchy in the first place. Calling this a blow for women’s rights is something of a massive overstatement.

In addition to changing the rules of succession, the British monarch will no longer be forbidden to marry a Catholic. Yes, prior to this, British monarchs were not allowed to marry Catholics. This goes back to when Henry the VIII broke from Rome and took control of the Church in England. So now that the Royals are free to marry Catholic royals and their daughters can become queen, I suppose that means everything about the monarchy is now fair and just. Not so fast!

A British royal can marry a Catholic and their daughter can become queen, but there is no way she can become queen if she’s Catholic! That’s right! The head of the Anglican Church is British monarch. And how can a Catholic be the head of the Anglican church??

I very much look forward to Canada having a revolution.


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