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Show notes for Episode 140

Posted by Ethan Clow on November 9, 2011

Radio Freethinker Episode 140 – CFI drops Reasonable Women’s group, daylight savings saves lives, the Vatican loses an embassy, legalized bullying in Michigan, Pox Parties and Pox by Mail

Download the Episode here!

Skeptical News:

CFI says no to Reasonable Women group (see my blog post on this)

Irish close embassy at the Vatican

Religious bullying made legal in Michigan

Update on Story:

Daylight Savings time and circadian rhythms


Pox Parties and sending virus’ by mail

Skeptical Highlights

Remember CiTR’s annual fundraiser is coming up! November 17th is when it starts. We’ll be asking for donations to help keep CiTR doing what it does best. Here on Radio Freethinker we’ll have some great skeptical themed prizes for donors so be sure to tune in and make a donation.

They are completely crazy in the US or at least in Wisconsin

Level 1 Crazy – it is now legal for legislators to carry concealed guns onto the Senate and Assembly floor, cabinet meetings, etc…

Level 2 Crazy – it also now legal for citizens to carry concealed guns into the viewing galleries on the legislature…

Level 3 Crazy – it is now, effectively, ILLEGAL, for citizens to carry signs or to take pictures in same said galleries.

Its gotta feel like Rome as the Visigoths came charging over the hill, an empire on the precipice of collapse.


One Response to “Show notes for Episode 140”

  1. Ian said

    There are other freethought groups in Canada, including Humanist Canada at the national level. Even here in Vancouver we have the BC Humanists, the Indian Rationalists, the campus groups, and Skeptics in the Pub.

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