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Show notes for Episode 141

Posted by Ethan Clow on November 16, 2011

Radio Freethinker Episode 141 – Light therapy, Wisdom Teeth anaesthesia fail, Possible Ogopogo sighting, EEG on vegetative state patients, Catholic Church investigator charged with paedophilia

Download the episode here!

Skeptical News:

Possible Ogopogo sighting? See news story here

Cure Winter Blues With Light Therapy, source here

What happens when the drugs to knock you out don’t knock you out? source here


EEG finds consciousness in people in vegetative state, see here

Roman Catholic church’s paedophile investigator jailed for possessing thousands of child porn images,

Skeptical Highlights:

Boycott of restaurants in Vancouver that serve shark fin.

Be aware thought that just because a restaurant’s name appears on a boycott list, then it must be a wrong-doer. Before boycotting, check out the menu of these places or ask the waiter, to ensure they are actually serving Shark Fin.

CiTR Fundrive starts on Thursday the 17th and Radio Freethinker will be doing its Fundrive show on the 22nd! Be sure to donate and get some cool skeptical themed prize packs. Learn more at CiTR 101.9FM


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