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Show notes for Episode 143

Posted by Ethan Clow on November 30, 2011

Radio Freethinker Episode 143 – Thanks for the donations, Religious charities a black hole? Engineering Enzymes, and CFI Canada’s recent problems.

Note: For some reason our podcast feed isn’t updating, however you can download the episode here.

Skeptical News:

Engineering Enzymes: Steps in the Right Direction, see here

Billion dollar black hole


CFI Canada’s Recent Troubles


Skeptical Highlights:

Shoutout to the Abbotsford Skeptics group meets up every Sunday at noon at Legal Grounds Coffee. It’s a friendly casual event to hang out with other local skeptics in the Abbotsford community.


One Response to “Show notes for Episode 143”

  1. Ian said

    Did you talk to Jamie Williams or anyone else before discussing the CFI issues on air or even read Katie Kish’s relatively impartial summary on SkepChick? The claim that Justin was dismissed without cause or due process is pretty serious and as far as I can tell baseless. Saying such things on radio and podcast seems irresponsible.

    I also wouldn’t have minded being referenced by name rather than just alluding to my own posts on the issue.

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