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Saturday Stub: And Another Thing That Bugs Me…

Posted by Ethan Clow on February 4, 2012

While we’re on the subject.

The other day was waiting for a bus in Vancouver. It was a typical day, the sun was out, it was still cold but it was one of those brisk late winter days where the sun is shining and people were in a good mood. I was waiting for a bus and quietly trying to think of a more efficient bus system that I could give to Translink because this particular bus is/was always late.

Anyway, there I’m standing, watching the cars drive past and people walk about when I see this shiny little black car pull up next to the bus stop. I glance over and notice something curious on the side of the door. On the door it has a logo with the slogan “Stop Religious Violence”

Well, that got my attention!

I took a step towards it and that’s when the freaking bus decides to show up.

Quickly, since the bus is already pulling up, I pull out my phone and queue up the camera app and take a quick picture of the car, hoping there’s website or something to follow up on. However, I didn’t catch it. The bus had arrived and people were hustling on and I had no time to run over and chat with the driver of this awesome car.

I did snap this picture as I was getting on the bus. The top part reads “My Spiritual Leader Licks my Face” and below that is the slogan “Stop Religious” The license plate reads “Evolv”

I was kicking myself because I really wanted to ask the driver about his car, I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t just some decoration he put on their but was actually some sort of advertising for either a website or organization. At least, I think it was. The web address doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Perhaps the site hasn’t been created yet or it’s just temporarily down. I also found this comment thread on Reddit with a picture of the same car.

If anyone knows this fellow or his car give me a shout. I’d like to invite him to a skeptics in the pub one night.


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