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Radio Freethinker Episode 162 – Freethinking President Edition

Posted by Don McLenaghen on April 17, 2012

This week:

–       One hot March,

–       Climate Change – Now and then,

–       More research into violent video games,

–       Saskatoon has no exorcists and

–       Interview with new UBC Freethinkers Club president.

Download the episode here!


One hot March!

New data from NOAA shows that March is second hottest in record and over 15,000 record high temperatures were recorded this month in the USA. It’s not all scary data though, in limited ways Canada may benefit.

We also discuss how the central/eastern part of America can be warmer than the western part. 

Find out more:

Climate Change – Now and then

We talk about the recent rediscovery of a paper published in 1981 by  James Hansen (NASA’s Institute for Space Studies at Goddard Space Flight Center) that explains the mechanism (as understood then). It also makes some predictions about the effects of global warming. 

This seemed an excellent opportunity to use the scientific method to check to see if the predictions made then have come to pass. Listen to find out if the verdict.

Find out more:

More research into violent video games

There is a long-lasting and at times intense debate about the possible link between violent computer games and aggressiveness. We discuss a recently published article about a new study showing that, more than anything, a good ability to cooperate is a prerequisite for success in the violent gaming environment.

Find out more:

Saskatoon has no exorcists

In a recent report on the CBC, we discovered that Saskatoon lacks an exorcists. Why should this matter? Well to the local priest, he thought it might be needed when he was called to the home of a mentally disturbed man. In spite of his theological bad thinking, the priest called then police. Then, giving in to the unenlightened side thought he would try some medieval medicine…he tryed to pray the ‘demon’ out of the man.

Find out more:

Interview with Stephanie van Dyke – new president of the UBC Freethinkers

Ethan site down and finds out what in the mind of the new president and the future of the club.

Find out more:

Skeptical Highlights:

Most likely to be banned books of 2011.

2012 State of America’s Library Report shows free access to information in jeopardy
In the US, they are celebrating National Library Week. To show the risk to the “freedom to read” the American Library Association has published list of the most often challenged books, because of content, in an effort to show the problems and risks of censorship. Apparently the Office of Intellectual Freedom received almost 350 challenges to books deemed inappropriate. To make the message clearer, and in conjunction with library week, libraries across the US are putting these books on display to both show their value as literature and to make a stand against censorship.


Shoppers Drug mart sued

Shoppers drug mart is being sued for selling ineffective and misleading products…in particular those based on homoeopathy. This will be on an upcoming episode of RFT.

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