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Radio Freethinker Episode 165 – Profiling Sam Harris Edition

Posted by Don McLenaghen on May 8, 2012

This week:

–       European votes reject austerity,
      Greek Neo-Nazi rise,
–       Global Heritage Fund worries about Asian landmarks,
–       The Jesus T-Shirt – free speech, harassment and the churchers,
–       Is Sam Harris a racist? A look at Harris views on profiling.

Download the episode here!


European votes reject austerity

We give a brief overview about recent elections in France and Greece where pro-austerity parties were defeated. 

Find out more:

Greek Neo-Nazi rise

With the rejections of austerity parties in Greek elections, there was also the disturbing rise of the Greek Neo-Nazi party – Golden Dawn. We also discuss how economic calamity in Europe and the rise of the radical right (and left) seems eerily similar to the 1930 and Greece in particular to Weimar Germany. 

Find out more:

Global Heritage Fund worries about Asian landmarks

With the rapid industrialization of Asia, a number of its millennial old landmarks are disappearing. Damage from natural erosion, purposeful destruction for development, tourism burnout,government inadequacy or simply loss of context by building a high-rise next to the 12th century temple. We also point out the UN focuses on rich nations while ignoring the rest.

Find out more:

The Jesus T-Shirt – free speech, harassment and the churchers

We discuss the recent expelling of a student in NS. for wearing an “offending” t-shirt about Jesus and the value of life. We explore the free speech issues. 

We dig deeper to uncover that the shirt was only the last straw and review the problem of religious proselytizing in school.

We also discuss how the religious right has created the ‘hyper’ sensitivity about religion and schools in the first place by trying to turn schools into centres of religious indoctrination.

Find out more:

Is Sam Harris a racist? A look at Harris views on profiling

We discuss the controversy arising from Sam Harris’s article “in defence of profiling”. We point out the logical inconsistency of his argument and debunk his point.

We also discuss his follow-up article and response to criticism of the first article and pose the question is Harris a racist (maybe) and why there is such an irrational view of Muslims and terrorism south of the border in spite of the evidence to the contrary.

Find out more:

Skeptical Highlights:

Philosophers Cafe – Hate Speech and the Criminal Code

Moderator Dr. Graham Forst asks if the prohibition of hate speech damages the freedom of speech provision of our constitution, or if it protects minority rights and contributes to a flourishing society.

Where: Gathering Place (1100-2253 Leigh Square, Port Coquitlam)
When: May 14, 2012, 7 pm
Cost: Free

Philosophers Cafe – Is An Empathic Civilization Possible?

As part of SFU Philosophers’ Café, moderator Charles Marxer ponders the nature and origin of empathy.

Where: White Rock Central Library ( 15342 Buena Vista Ave., White Rock)
When: May 14, 2012, 7 pm
Cost: Free

Skeptics in the Pub – Down-town

Join us on Tuesday, May 15 at 7:30pm for another evening of skeptical fun, food, drinks, and conversation in the Railway Club’s back bar. Come out and discuss skepticism-related activities in Vancouver with your fellow science enthusiasts, rationalists, and critical thinkers, and maybe meet some new friends. As always, if you arrive late and they’re collecting a cover charge at the door, just tell them you’re with the skeptics’ group to get in for free.

Where: The Railway Club, 579 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver
When: Thursday, May 15, 2012, 7:30 pm
Cost: Free

Skeptics in the Pub Richmond

Skeptics in the Pub is a casual social event for local science enthusiasts who value critical thinking and skepticism.

Join us for drinks and food in a friendly atmosphere. It’s a great place to meet local skeptics, make new friends, and get involved and informed about new events and activities.

Where: Legends Pub in Richmond, 6511 Buswell Street, minutes from the Brighouse Skytrain station and Richmond Centre
When: Thursday, May 24, 2012, 7:30 pm
Cost: Free


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