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The Catholic Church is Afraid of Girls

Posted by Ethan Clow on June 28, 2012

Here is another story that makes me wonder if the Vatican and its vicar are aware that half of the world’s population are women. Why would I wonder that? Well, the church wants members, they want to grow and expand, you’d think they would relish any opportunity to add to their ranks. But apparently they don’t. Not when it comes to women.

My confusion probably stems from the same skepticism I have when I hear about corporations putting out poisoned products or drug companies trying to kill people – “why would they harm the people who buy their products? They want to make money, right?” I guess this kind of logic doesn’t apply to the religious.

The Vatican has recently claimed ordination of women is as bad as child molestation and will be punished the same way. So does that mean they’ll just cover it up and move these women to different locations? Okay that’s not funny. Well, actually what the Vatican is suggesting is now they have new rules for what will happen to priests who molest anyone within the church, they will face excommunication (the imaginary punishment that only means anything if you’ve already drunk the koolaid) and a defrocking, which is more tangible but hardly serious enough for a crime like rape.

EVIL!! (Calgary’s only female priest Monica Kilburn Smith)

What will the punishments be for ordination of a woman? Excommunication and defrocking of course. One might consider this ludicrously insulting to treat these two situations as equal, but perhaps you don’t realize just how horrified the Catholic church is by girls. Recently the Vatican remarked that the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (a organization that represents about 80% of the nuns in America) was promoting “radical feminist themes” and was not supporting church teachings on the male-only priesthood and homosexuality.

But fear not! The Vatican has learned the error of their ways! No, they aren’t reversing their stance on women, or child rape…or homosexuality…or… well anything really. I’ve learned they need new PR people! To that end, they’ve hired a Fox News journalist to be their communications adviser.

Oh and he’s also a member of Opus Dei, a conservative wing of hardcore Catholics who like to support far right governments and oppress women.

So yes, let the face palming commence.


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