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Super human mutants

Posted by Don McLenaghen on July 9, 2012

Human mutants are among us and they may be using their super power to keep an eye on YOU!!!

Okay, before we tell you about the super humans that are among us, let start with a primer on colour. Every creature with eyes sees some colour, although the vast majority see only black, white and various greys. Others called Dichromatics can see two colours…most mammals are thought to be dichromatic, like your dog. Humans and a select number of other animals see three colours and their blends. Bees can see ultraviolet but not red, weird eh?

Most foraging insects, some birds and fish can see four colours, pigeons and lampreys may be able to see 5 colours.

Now you may say,” Well I can see more than 3 colours” but you would be wrong…and right. If you look at your colour printer you will notice that it only has 3 colours or what are also known as the primary colours. From these three, all other colours we can perceive are created…about a million in total and that is under ideal conditions. Normally we notice only a fraction of these. These colours are perceived by cells called “cones”. Each cone is for one colour; so your dog has 2 types of cones, we have three, and pigeons have 5.

Now, as I said under optimal conditions we can see a million or so colours but for some of us, we either lack a cone or they are deformed. When this happens to you, we say you are colour-blind. Now in theory any one of the cones could be deficient but in humans mostly the red or green cones are defective. It is also known that cone colour blindness is a sex related trait; over 95% of those with colour blindness are men.

Now, sometimes cones are missing but most times they are mutated and don’t perform well but they do kinda work…in a way they can’t see red but do see pink, if the colour is intense, it becomes discernible to them. This creates a cone that is a semi-tone of the primary colours.

Although women are relatively immune to colour-blindness they do carry the gene for these defective cones. Some researchers as far back as the 1940’s theorized that some women may have the three normal cones as well as the mutant cone…making them Tetrachromatic. Dr.  Gabriele Jordan reported in an interview with Discovery Magazine that she has not only discovered a number of women with the extra cone but at least one of them actually has ‘super vision’ because of it. Research subject named cDa29 (not her real name) passed a test created to distinguish the active fourth cone.

The test was relatively simple; the subjects were placed in a dark room and flashed three coloured circles. For people like you and me, the three circles would look like the same colour but to cDa29, they were not the same.

Only one of the 25 tested showed an extra working cone but it is calculated that up to 12% of the female population may have this extra cone. So, the next time you think about having an argument with a woman remember she may literally be a mutant and see more than we can.

Now, of course the same warning should be applied but it is interesting that as a species it appears we may still be evolving even in how we see the world.


The Humans With Super Human Vision
The woman with superhuman sight


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