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Radio Freethinker Episode 174 – Burning Fat Edition

Posted by Don McLenaghen on July 10, 2012

This week:

–  The Purple-Pee Olympics,

– Dis-Education – why retard a children minds, and

– Interview with Edward Falzon

Download the episode here!


The Purple-Pee Olympics

We talk about performance enhancing drugs and a skeptical look at how the Olympics handles this issue. Also , rumour has it athlete will be handing purple urine samples…listen to the and find out why.  

Find out more:

Dis-Education – why retard a children minds

We an extended look at the ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) curriculum and what some home schooling text-book are actually teach our children about the physical sciences as well as the social sciences.

Interview with Edward Falzon

Ethan sits down in the Radio Free Thinker virtual studio with Edward Falzon. Falzon is the author of “Being gay is disgusting or God love’s the smell of burning fat”.

From Genesis to Deuteronomy, ‘Being Gay is Disgusting’ captures the essence of the Bible in the most modern and inappropriate way possible. Creation, the Flood, Joseph’s cool dreams, escape from Egypt and the long and surprisingly gruesome story of Moses. And won’t it be nice to be able to have a semi-intelligent discussion about the Old Testament with your God-fearing friends! — “Falzon highlights the convenient rewrites and cherry-picking that others have done to cause harm. Cunning and funny, everyone is fair game here.” (Instinct Magazine)

Find out more:

Skeptical Highlights:

Death of Evidence

The ‘Death of Evidence’ rally will take place on July 10 to coincide with a large scientific conference taking place in Ottawa. The demonstration will entail a funeral procession from the Ottawa Convention Centre commencing at 12 noon, followed by a rally at Parliament Hill.

If you are fed up with the closure of federal scientific programs and muzzling of scientists, if you think that decisions should be based on evidence and facts instead of ideology, then please come out and show your support.

How Evidence Died

Keep an Eye open: TD Bank’s closing of Iranian-Canadian accounts

TD has sent letters to clients whose accounts it has closed telling them that under recent changes to the Special Economic Measures (Iran) Regulation, Canadian financial institutions are forbidden from providing financial services to anyone in Iran or for the benefit of Iran. It appears no other Canadian bank has taken the same action as TD and why is this not on the CBC Web News?

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One Response to “Radio Freethinker Episode 174 – Burning Fat Edition”

  1. […] featuring me, but my favourite newly-discovered podcast is Radio Freethinker from Canada. They’ve discussed ACE the past two weeks, and have been kind enough to link back […]

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