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Radio Freethinker Episode 178 – Humanist Agenda Edition

Posted by Don McLenaghen on August 14, 2012

This week:

– American Atheist Billboard campaign for part conventions

– Quebec PQ party calls for secular charter to remove religion from government

– Extended interview with BC Humanist Association executive director Ian Bushfield

Download the episode here!

American Atheist Billboard campaign for part conventions

In preparation for the political party conventions in the USA, the American Atheist plan to ensure there is some push back on the topic of religion.

Find out more:

Quebec PQ party calls for secular charter to remove religion from government

The PQ plans to introduce legislation, IF ELECTED, to ban overt symbols of religion. No civil or pan-civil servant will be allowed to have any visible identifiable religious symbols and all public and pan-public institutions will be strips of religious symbols…with some exceptions.

Find out more:

Extended interview with BC Humanist Association executive director Ian Bushfield

Some of the questions asked:

  • Can you let our listeners know how you view atheism and skepticism and how that relates to humanism?
  • Last week we talked about what one could call ‘bad atheist’…that is people who don’t believe in any deity but also hold other less than skeptical ideas such as anti-vax, racism or libertarianism. How does humanism approach such ‘bad thinking’?
  • For our listeners abroad can you tell us what 100 Huntley Street is and what was the incident that caused so much consternation?
  • It’s a reality of our world that religious memes permeate our culture. It’s also, sadly in my opinion, that the majority of people have some form of spiritual beliefs. So, the tip of the nod politicians make to religion does not seem to be inappropriate, isn’t your groups response to this over blown?
  • It seems that humanism goes beyond religion. How does humanism approach the topic of social justice? What is social justice?
  • Radio Free Thinker has expressed our support for right-to-die. First, why do you support this issue? How does humanist deal with the argument that right-to-die inevitably leads to coerced suicide

Skeptical Highlights:

Cafe Inquiry: Limits to Growth

Café Inquiry is a monthly casual discussion group run by CFI Vancouver. Come along and enjoy morning tea and stimulating discussion with fellow freethinkers on a variety of topics. Our speaker is Patrick Walden, and will discuss are there limits to growth, and will our endless drive to continually expand hit a wall? Will our civilization collapse in the 21st century? Pat Walden is a research scientist at TRIUMF Cyclotron laboratory at UBC.
Saturday August 18th at 11am; room 2270 aka the Saunder Industries Policy Room at the SFU Harbor Center downtown Vancouver

Skeptics in the Pub – Downtown

Every month, skeptics gather around the watering hole for camaraderie, stimulating discussion and to enjoy a pint or two. The next event is next Tuesday at 7:30 ish, in the back room at the Rail Way Club second floor at the corner of Dunsmuir and Seymour.

SkeptiCamp Planning Meeting

It’s time to start planning the 2012 Vancouver SkeptiCamp! Everyone interested in helping plan, coordinate, or even speak at the next SkeptiCamp is encouraged to attend. Showing up does not mean you will have to take on any responsibilities; it just lets you get your voice in there – or even just come to learn what SkeptiCamp is all about.

The plan is to meet at Waves at Howe and Smithe in the Large Meeting Room at 2pm.


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