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Radio Freethinker Episode 193 – Solemnized Edition

Posted by Don McLenaghen on December 11, 2012


This week:
– The Real Noah’s Ark,
– Beyond Secularism in Chilliwack,

– Repressive blasphemy law, and
– The right to solemnize weddings

Download the episode here!

The Real Noah’s Ark

We talk about the launch of a life-size ‘replica’ of Noah’s Ark in the Netherlands. Does it prove the flood was impossible? Was it built for religious reasons or for profit? Listen and find out.

Funnies Noah bit ever

Find out more:

Beyond Secularism in Chilliwack

2012-strawman-macleodEthan checked out a Beyond Secularism forum in Chilliwack put on by the local NDP. He was disappointed but hopeful. Listen and find out what it was all about.

Find out more:

Repressive blasphemy law

First we talk about the prevalence of blasphemy and similar laws around the world. What they say about the nations involved.


Then we step back and look at how these laws have affected individuals persecuted by these statues.

Find out more:

The right to solemnize weddings

20070606An interview with CFI Indiana about there legal battle to gain the right to solemnize weddings; currently limited to government officials or ‘the clergy’.

Find out more:

Skeptical Highlights:

Philosophers’ Café

Human nature vs. animal nature

When: Wednesday, Dec 12 2012, 7 pm

Where: Lynn Valley Main Library, North Vancouver

Cost: Free

What: There is a theory that humans, like all animals, are inherently selfish and competitive, with only a gloss of civilization restraining us. However, some claim this untrue and assert that primates and other animals exhibit moral sensibility. Primatologist Frans de Waal will give a short lecture on the matter and then there will be an open floor discussion about people’s views about human and animal nature.

Science and religion: An unholy alliance?

When: Wednesday, Dec 12 2012, 7 pm

Where: Lynn Valley Main Library, North Vancouver

Cost: Free

What: Many people believe that science and religion occupy two separate worlds and that never the twain shall meet—yet they both claim to be the truth. How do we honour the claims of both science and religion? Can and should they both play a part in modern life? Has science cancelled religion?
Join professor emeritus in Philosophy and Literature Graham Forst as he discusses and moderates this forum on the subject.

Café Inquiry:

Positive Thinking for Chronic Pain – Helpful or Harmful?

Saturday December 15th at 1pm at SFU Harbour Centre Room 1505 – the discussion is about positive thinking, is it an effective treatment for chronic pain, or could positive thinking be detrimental to ones health?


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