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Radio Freethinker Episode 197 – Lancing Armstrong Edition

Posted by Don McLenaghen on January 22, 2013


This week:
– Sandy Hook Truthers,
– Earth Bursts a Gama-ray,

– The Doh! Of Doha
, and
– Lance Armstrong and professional doping

Download the episode here!

Sandy Hook Truthers


No, they add up…if you’re not a nutter!

Don discusses the emergence of the Sandy Hook Truther ‘movement’; those people who think that the Sandy Hook massacre was either faked or carried out as part of some Obama master plan to steal everyone guns so as to set himself up as some kinda communist-fascist dictator.

We briefly examine the claims and discuss the root cause of this outlandish idea.

Find out more:


Color-Neanderthal-CloneThere have been an umber of ‘science’ article reporting about one scientist hunt to find a woman willing to be a surrogate to a Neanderthal clone. We check out the science and the reality of what scientist George Church really said.

Find out more:

Earth Bursts a Gama-ray

Ethan explains how we know the earth was hit by a gamma ray burst 1700 years ago  and why it was not the end of all life on earth, unlike what some scientists have claimed.

Find out more:

The Doh! Of Doha

cartoon_climatechangeOne of the under reported stories of 2012 was the Doha Climate Change Conference. Don reviews the outcome of the Kyoto Protocols which officially ended last year. We also discuss the future of climate change diplomacy.

Find out more:

Lance Armstrong and professional doping

jben125lEthan give a summary of the “Lance Armstrong Scandal” and the state of doping in sports. Then we have a spirited debate about the ethics of doping and the implications it has to both amateur sport and to “sport-u-tainment”

Find out more:

Skeptical Highlights:

Arab Awakening, but are we hearing the truth?

Veteran Middle East journalist Robert Fisk has “seen it all” in his 30+ years of international journalism. Yet perhaps nothing could compare to the upheavals in the Middle East which began in 2011 – what some have termed the “Arab Spring.” Join Fisk as he talks about his reporting from the epicentre of the tensions with his honest and insightful perspective.

When:  Saturday, Feb 02, 7:00 PM PST

Where: Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, Vancouver

Cost: Tix $15 or $10 for students

Demography of the Seven Billion

Where is the world population heading – what happens when we get there? The world’s population is expected to peak at 9 to 10 billion and then slowly decline. There are multiple questions associated with this march toward population stability: how do we know it will happen, what is its timing and regional variation, how much older will the world’s population get, and what are the implications of this stability for world environmental change?

When: Thursday, JAN 24, 7pm

Where: Fletcher Challenge Canada, SFU Harbour Center, Vancouver

Cost: Free

Presented by Dr. Warren C. Sanderson, Professor of Economics, Stony Brook University, New York


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