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Radio Freethinker Episode 198 – Cost of Casinos Edition

Posted by Don McLenaghen on January 29, 2013


This week:
– Mali Malady,
– Shriek of the Big Foot,
– The RePoopUlator
, and
– The Cost of Casinos

Download the episode here!


Mali Malady

jpgimageAs a number of our listeners may have heard, Harper is sending military transport plane to Timbuktu…or there a bouts. So, why are we sending planes to Mali? Don provides a quick crash course in Mali and the current political/military turmoil that has engulfed the region.

france-war-on-mali-for-uraniumFind out more:

Shriek of the Big Foot

bigfoot_analysis_clip_image today24news com

Easy to hear, hard to see

Ethan asks the question, did cryptozoologist capture the sounds of Big Foot in Oregon? Listen and find out what we think about sound clips.

Find out more:

The RePoopUlator

Much to Ethan’s disgust  Don let’s the world know we can be proud to be Canadian because of medical and technological first…the RePoopUlator; the best and first artificial poop. Listen and find out why they did it and how it can improve the lives of thousands of Canadians a year..


Find out more:

The Cost of Casinos

grin753lRecently the Surrey city council voted to NOT allow the expansion of gambling in the city by rejecting plan to build a new casino in the city. In the light of this controversy  Don explores the research into the pros and cons of legalized gambling in general and casinos in specific. As a twist, we compare our stances on  ‘harm reduction’ with regard to drug usage to the same principle with gambling addiction.

Find out more:


Skeptical Highlights:

Arab Awakening, but are we hearing the truth?

Veteran Middle East journalist Robert Fisk has “seen it all” in his 30+ years of international journalism. Yet perhaps nothing could compare to the upheavals in the Middle East which began in 2011 – what some have termed the “Arab Spring.” Join Fisk as he talks about his reporting from the epicentre of the tensions with his honest and insightful perspective.

When:  Saturday, Feb 02, 7:00 PM PST

Where: Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, Vancouver

Cost: Tix $15 or $10 for students

Meme wars: the creative destruction of neoclassical economics

This book and talk is an articulation of what could be the next steps in rethinking and remaking our world that challenges and debunks many of the assumptions of neoclassical economics and brings to light a more ecological model. MEME WARS aims to accelerate the shift into this new paradigm that takes into account psychonomics, bionomics, and other aspects of our physical and mental environment that are often left out in discussions of economics.

Join the Founder and Senior Editor of Adbusters, Kalle Lasn and Darren Fleet, at this public event & book launch!

When: Tuesday, February 5, 7pm

Where: Norm Theatre,  the SUB, UBC campus,Vancouver

Cost: Free


One Response to “Radio Freethinker Episode 198 – Cost of Casinos Edition”

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