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Radio Freethinker Live and Fundraising!

Posted by Ethan Clow on March 1, 2013


We at Radio Freethinker are pleased to announce the start of the annual Fundrive at CiTR 101.9FM!! Yes, its that time of the year where we ask you to donate on behalf of the radio station that makes our show possible. CiTR is the campus-community radio station located at UBC from which we are able to produce a live skeptical radio show and create a podcast that oh so many of you know and love. CiTR is also the home base from which Radio Freethinker is syndicated throughout Canada in places like Lethbridge, Kamloops, and Winnipeg!

Oh and did I mention that next week (Tuesday March 5th) we will be doing our show live from location at the Vancouver Convention Centre! We’ll be there discussing all the reasons you should donated to CiTR and also the interviewing interesting people at the Study and Go Abroad convention happening at the same time. So if you’re in the area, come on by and say hello!

We’ve mentioned before why an institution like CiTR is important so in a nut shell:

“CiTR is an independent radio station, meaning it’s not commercial. You won’t hear advertisements for beer or viagra on this station. What you will hear is psa’s and ads for community events, cultural celebrations, musical and artistic endeavors and causes and non-profits.

When you consider the value of having independent media that isn’t owned by a conglomerate, a small donation to CiTR seems like an easy decision!

For us skeptics we should keep in mind that often times independent media is frequently in bed with alternative medicine, conspiracy theories and pseudo science.  It’s all the more important than that Radio Freethinker do its part to help out so that stations like CiTR realize just how many skeptics out there appreciate them giving their valuable air space to us to freethink about.”

Radio Freethinker has its own specific donation page on the CiTR Fundrive network located HERE. This makes donating online surprisingly easy, go ahead and try it! We should remind you though, that if you donate online you will get a tax receipt, so if you have your eye on cool swag, you need to phone in. (Government’s rules or something)

How you Can Donate:

Donations can be made in-person at CiTR Radio offices. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Personal Cheque, Money Order & Cash, and Direct Deposit. You can also send a cheque payable to UBC with “CiTR Fundrive” in the memo, to the following address:

CiTR Radio
#233-6138 SUB Blvd.
Vancouver, BC
V6T 1Z1

Call 604-822-8648 (UBC-UNIT) to donate over the phone and on the air to your favourite show!

As I mentioned you can donate online HERE.

Here is some of the cool swag you can get from CiTR!

What you get for donating to Radio Freethinker!

As always, we have some great swag unique to our show that we will happily say “Thank you!” with.

Any donation over $20 will receive some cool skeptic themed stickers!


Any donation over $30 a cheque book full of blank $1,000,000.00 !!! (Okay not real million dollar cheques. They’re promotional items to commemorate the Million Dollar Challenge by the JREF)

One Million Dollars! (Not really)

One Million Dollars! (Not really)

Any donation over $70 will receive a collection of Skeptical Inquirer and Free Inquiry Magazines!

Any donation over $80 will receive a JREF or CFI Extraordinary Claims t-shirt (size XL)

IMG_0265 IMG_0266



Any donation over $101.09 will receive a TAM DVD Set! the Choices are TAM 5.5 or TAM 7

Any donation of or over $250 will earn the donor a chance to come on Radio Freethinker and host a show!

radio microphone

IMPORTANT NOTE – Prize packs are limited 1 per donation (you can’t donate $ and get all the prizes) However if you want to donate $ but only want the sticker for example, we can accommodate that. Also please note that we have limited quantities of prizes! So it’s first donate/first serve.

One final note, we know that asking for donations of $100 is no trivial thing. Even $30 is a lot. But the reason we ask is because we are confident and proud of the programming that we (not just Radio Freethinker) produces. CiTR gives a voice to a community that simply isn’t served by commercial radio. Further, we’re aware of the generosity within the Skeptical Community and we’re asking for some right now. If you’ve listened to our show or downloaded the podcast, please consider donating because without that source of funding, we wouldn’t be able to produce any on-air content and certainly no podcast. Help us if you can. This money goes a long way.


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