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Radio Freethinker Episode 205 – Nuking Korea Edition

Posted by Don McLenaghen on April 2, 2013


This week:
– Gates of Hell,
– New Atheist Islamophobia,

– Will the real True meaning of Easter please stand up, and
– Korean War Redux,

Download the episode here!


Gates of Hell

b7f261049357a42627fc426f67bab0f9baa12301It seems the Gates of Hell have been found. You can find them in Turkey along the historic “Greek coast”. So it seems that Pluto is the roman for Hades and Kore is really Persephone. This likely refers to “A” temple to Pluto and not the only one.

(don’s note:= we may have this wrong, not being a linguist but the column is supposed to say “Pluto” which looks like this in Greek “Πλούτων” while it may actually be saying “riches” which looks like this “ΠλΟΥΤ”” which looks like the image on the column)

article-2302755-190AF2B6000005DC-178_634x414Find out more:

New Atheist Islamophobia

2009-11-06Salon posted an article by Nathan Lean that was a hatchet job on Richard Dawkins, claiming he…and all New Atheists are foaming at the month islamaphobes. Don debunks this as well as pointing out the intellectual dishonesty of the authors.

It should be noted, RFT does not believe in ‘deifying’ any person. We respect ideas and note no one is perfect. Although we pointed out the crappy journalism of Mr. Lean, we also point out there are genuine areas of criticism and some “new atheist” (Sam Harris) are islamphobes, but because of the right wing ideology not their atheism.

post484211242771298thumFind out more:

Will the real True meaning of Easter please stand up

Easter-Eggs-Motivational-PosterEthan reviews the latest debate about the pagan connection to Easter.

Find out more:

Korean War Redux

There has been a lot of talk and worry about the possibility of war breaking out between North and South Korea. Don looks into the history of the peninsular  the war (which never ended), the politics of North Korea and the myths surrounding the bellicose nation.

 Pyongyang-feb-2009 Juche Tower View - Pyongyang Koryo Hotel - Pyongyang pic_miller_061903
a look at Pyongyang

Find out more:


Skeptic Highlights

Skeptics in the Pub featuring a Skeptical Pub Quiz Smackdown!! Tuesday April 16th at 7:30pm at the Railway Club downtown Vancouver – Following in the tradition of the Canadian Skeptical Pub Quiz Smackdown, we have created a new pub quiz that tests your knowledge of science, history, pop culture and of course, skepticism. We’ll be having the pub quiz at the Railway Club as part of our usual night of Skeptics in the Pub.


A few other cities may join us in hosting their own pub quiz, so there could be a chance to compare your skeptical knowledge with those across the country. Regardless, what is at stake is the claim of smartest 4-person team of skeptic-know-it-alls here in Vancouver!


The quiz includes multiple rounds of questions, matching, multimedia and other surprises, so study up! Assemble your team of 4 people and come ready to compete (or form your team with a few others after you arrive).


CFI Canada has finally heard back from the new Office of Religious Freedom and has set up a meeting On Thursday, April 4th with the ambassador to discuss secular issues. CFI wants to hear from you about what important points you want them to bring up. So let them know cases of atheists persecution and other freedom from religion points.
You can Tweet @cficanada – Use the hashtag #atheistORF

you can email at

and you can post on Facebook.


I don’t have to add how important this is to global atheism and secularism but also to the reputation of Canada as a defender of human rights.


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